Pruning Your Garden To Keep it Tidy

It’s mid June and summer is here, with long and warm Summer days. Of course, that does mean that your garden will grow so keeping on top of it is a must. Time for the hard work to begin to keep your garden looking neat and tidy. I mean, who wants an untidy garden? If you’re anything like me, you’ll want your garden to impress your friends and family when it’s BBQ time! You’ll find that an impressive garden becomes a talking point among your guests.

If you have a well stocked garden with a range of trees, shrubs and bushes then you’ll likely be getting the various tools out at this time of year to tackle trimming them back to look neater. The lawn will need a little tender loving care if you want a lush green look to it. Dealing with the moss and weeds which tend to form over the Winter months should be one of the first jobs of the season as this will leave room for new grass to grow in its place. A mechanical scarifier will help remove moss, dead grass and weeds but if you’re a glutton for punishment, then you can do it manually using a lawn rake. Once the scarifying is done, then a lawn mow should be carried out, with the cutting height not set too low for the first cut of the season. Whether you have an electric or petrol engine lawn mower, it should have an adjustable cutting height setting. Over the Summer months, regularly mowing should take place at least once a week to keep your lawn healthy.

Going back to the trees, it’s important to keep them pruned paying particular attention to rotten branches which could present a safety risk. Depending on the size of tree, you may want to hire the services of a tree surgeon to get the job done, but if you’re feeling confident of pruning your own trees then a petrol chainsaw will help get the job done. Obviously, if you’ve never used a chainsaw before, be sure to read the instructions and wear appropriate safety gear such as gloves, goggles and boots. I use a Husqvarna Motosierra A Gasolina 135 and it copes find with small to medium sized trunk trees in my garden.

If like me, you’re an avid viewer of Monty Don and his BBC Gardener’s World show, you’ll know that his dogs follow him every he goes in his garden. Owning dogs is one of life’s pleasures but bear in mind that dogs running around your garden, as well as using it as a toilet can cause damage, especially to lawns (urine will kill the grass, leaving brown patches). A dog containment system can be used to restrict where your canine companions can venture in your garden.

If you have vegetables or hanging baskets in your garden then you’ll know that regular watering is essential for their successful growth. That does mean daily watering in hot and dry weather. If you’re going on holiday then you’ll need have your watering done for you while you’re away. If you have a friend or a neighbour who can do the watering for you then that’s great, but alternatively, there are automatic systems that will do the watering for you at a set time of the day (early morning or late evening is recommended).




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